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Fungicide Resistance Action Commitee

Carboxylic Acid Amides (CAA) Fungicides

NA-CAA working group of FRAC

The NA-CAA working group of the North American Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (NA-FRAC) was first established in 2007. The main goal is to maintain a great level of harmonization of resistance management guidelines. The risk of risk of resistance for this group of fungicides is considered low to medium depending of the pathogen. The development of resistance in Phytophthora is considered low. In downy mildew pathogens resistance development is considered of medium risk. The companies currently involve in the NA-AP group are BASF and Syngenta.

Contact People

Name Company Email Address
Gilberto Olaya Syngenta gilberto.olaya@syngenta.com
Allison Tally Syngenta Allison.tally@syngenta.com
George Musson Bayer Crop Science george.musson@bayer.com
Scott Walker BASF scott.l.walker@basf.com

General Recommendations

For general resistance management recommendations for CAA fungicides,  see the global FRAC webpage: CAA Fungicides - General Use Recommendations.

Dr. Gilberto Olaya
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Syngenta Crop Protection
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